24ct Gold Plating On Aga Cooker Parts

Gold Plating On Aga Cooker Parts

Gold plating on Aga Cooker parts and accessories turned to 24kt Gold. These aga cooker parts come to us in either chrome or stainless steel. The chrome parts need to have the chrome removed and then the underlying nickel activated and plated in 24kt gold. The stainless steel parts, normally just the long bars, are activated and gold plated in 24kt gold. We use the brush plating process on aga parts.

As with all cooker parts, we can plate them in different finishes of gold including Rose Gold and Green Gold. These shades can be seen in Our Portfolio. They can also be brushed or satin finished. If you require a certain shade to match existing accessories then we can do this for you if a sample is sent with the items to be plated.

We have done these kind of parts for years.

Items in Our Portfolio that are large have been plated using this process.