Gold Plated Chrome Wheels

Gold Plated Chrome Wheels

Gold Plated Chrome Wheels.

This wheel was part of a set of 4 we did for a Chrysler 300c car. We gold plated the 4 wheels and all the trim on the car.

These wheels came to us Chrome Plated. We had to remove the Chrome from the wheels to reveal the underlying Nickel. Activate the Nickel and Gold Plate them with 24kt Gold.

As these are big items, the activating is done in stages. We activate a section of the wheel and plate a quick layer of gold on and repeat this process on the other parts of the un-plated wheel until all the wheel has a layer of 24kt gold. Once this is done we can plate all the wheel with more 24kt gold to build up the layer of gold until it has a good coat. We now have a good set of gold plated chrome wheels.

Items in Our Portfolio that are large have been plated using this process.