Light Switch Nickel Gold Plated

Gold Nickel Light Switch

Gold Plated Light Switch. Gold Nickel Light Switch. Brass light switch plated in Nickel and 24kt Gold.

These light switch parts came to us in brass. They was already pre finished ready for plating. The process for the nickel plating was to electro clean them, rinsing off the cleaner with de-ionised water. The smaller parts were nickel plated in the tank and the plates plated using the brush plating method.

On the parts that were nickel plated that needed to be gold plated, was simply gold plated straight after nickel plating. The only in between, nickel and gold, that needed to be done was to go through 3 rinse tanks of de-ionised water to make sure no nickel was left on the items before going into the gold tank.

For the larger parts being brush plated it was the same method using 3 rinses in between nickel and gold.

Brush plating is where the item is plated using a swab like material dipped into the gold solution and rubbed over the item being plated. The item is earthed and the electrode used for the swab, dipped into the gold plating solution, is positive. This uses electricity to bond the gold to the item being plated.

Items in Our Portfolio that are large have been plated using this process.