Gold Plated Roulette Wheel

This part is the centre of a roulette wheel plated in 24kt Gold.

This part came to us Nickel Plated. We had to activate the Nickel for it to be Gold Plated with 24kt Gold. We put this in the ultrasonic cleaner, rinse with de-ionised water before going through the electro cleaning process.

The roulette wheel is then cleaned using the electro cleaner in the tank, which only takes a minute, to remove any traces of grease. The nickel is then activated ready to brush plate a quick coat all over of 24kt gold. Brush plating is then used to 24kt gold plate to build up the layers of gold to a suitable thickness. We then have a gold plated roulette wheel.

Once fully plated the gold plated roulette wheel is then rinsed off with de-ionised water and dried using paper towels.

We use a special polish to bring up the lustre to its mirror shine. It is then ready to send back to the customer.

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