Gold Plated Sycamore Pendants

Gold Plated Sycamore Pendants. Silver Sycamore pendants and acorn pendants 24kt gold plated.

These solid silver pendants and chains are sent to us to be plated in our 24kt gold plating tank. They are plated to the customer requirement of 1 micron thickness. This involves measuring the items to work out the surface area in cm2. This can be quite hard at times as all items are different shapes and need to be broken down into measurable shapes and added together to get the total surface area of each individual item.

Once this is worked out we can then determine how long and at what amperage they need to go in the gold plating tank for.

Before plating, items are weighed using 0.000gram scales and then weighed again after plating to make sure they have been plated to the correct specifications.

Most of the jewellery found in Our Portfolio is plated using the tank plating method.