Silver Plated Dog

Silver Plated Brass Dog

Silver Plated Brass dog . This dog was in a house fire and needed to be cleaned, polished and silver plated.

The process we needed to start with was using an ultrasonic machine to vibrate any loose dirt from the brass dog.
Then we used an electro cleaner with a soft brush to remove all the fire damage. Once this was removed, the dog was then polished using a buffing machine with a soft wheel.
Then a final ultrasonic clean to remove any polishing compound. In the ultrasonic cleaner, we use fairy original washing up liquid as we have found this works great on removing the compound from polishing that gets caught up in the polished item. Once all these processes are done it is time for the final cleaning and plating process.

The item is put through another electro clean to remove any wax residue, using de-ionised water to rinse off any cleaner once removed from the tank. We then start the silver plating using our high speed silver plating solution.

There are 2 methods for silver plating. We have a tank for small items and can also use a method known as brush plating for larger items. This was done using the brush plating method. The end results are the same using the same solutions, just applied in a different way.

Once finished we have a new looking brass dog silver plated.