Price Guide For Plating Only Costs

The price guides below are for Gold Plating

  • Jewellery – From £5.00
  • Car Emblems – From £25.00
  • Cutlery – From £5.00
  • Tools – From £10.00
  • Guitar Parts – From £10.00
  • New Chrome Scooter Parts – From £10.00
  • New Chrome Motorcycle Parts – From £10.00
  • Taps ( Per Tap ) – From £40.00
  • Shower Fittings – From £10.00
  • Towel Radiators – From £150.00
  • Bath Grab Handles – From £35.00
  • Bathroom Fixtures – From £10.00
  • Cooker Rings – From £25.00
  • Zippo Lighters – From £35.00
  • Mobile Phones (Stainless Steel) – From £80.00
  • Games Consoles – From £50.00
  • Light Fittings – From £40.00
  • Medals – From £15.00
  • Watch Face – From £30.00*
  • Milk Jugs – From £30.00
  • Serving Trays – From £40.00
  • Candlesticks – From £30.00
  • Candelabras – From £50.00
  • Brooches – From £10.00
  • New Chrome Car Wheels – From £250.00 per wheel
  • Clock Parts – From £15.00
  • Golf Balls – From £50.00
  • Metal Polishing Services – From £3.00
  • Musical Instruments – From £50.00
  • Musical Instrument Parts – From £5.00

Many Many More Items Can Be Plated…..If you do not see an item in the list, we can still no doubt plate it in any finish you require.

We CANNOT plate onto bare aluminium, but can anodise this in various colours. We do have samples of the bright gold anodising to show. If the aluminium is nickel or chrome plated then we can do any plating required on it for you. We do have another company that we can send items to for nickel plating on the aluminium but this will add extra time and costs.

Please note that all prices are approximate and depend on the condition of items to be plated. We need to take into account the preparation needed before plating. All surfaces need to be free from paint, lacquer, grease and dirt. The process for removing these items varies from a simple electroclean to polishing items on a buffing machine.

We also need to use chemicals to remove any paint or lacquer before the items can be electroplated in any kind of finish. It is always better for us if pictures could be sent in emails to enable us to see the item before being able to give any indication of preparation costs.

The guide above is the minimum costs for the items shown. Silver can sometimes cost less depending what metal it is being plated onto.

*We do have a minimum plating charge of £30.00 for any work taken on*

Any work taken on over £300 will require a minimum of 50% deposit. This will be discussed with the customer upon clarification of the work being carried out.